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Opal and Diamond12369-01


18K White Gold Etheopian Opal 4.83Ct and Diamond 1.53Tw

Sapphire and Diamond12327-02


14K White Gold Sapphire 1.32 Ct and Diamond 5/8 Tw

Sapphire and Diamond12321-01


18K White Gold Sapphire 2.88 and Diamond .47 Tw

Ruby and Diamond12292-01


18K White Gold Ruby 1.14 Ct and Diamond .49 Tw

Pearl and Diamond12289-01


14K White Gold Peridot 2.75 Ct and Diamond .50 Tw

Green Tourmaline and Diamond12229-01


Platinum Green Tourmaline 3.28ct and Diamond .27Tw Pendant



1.86Tw W/ 1.21 Brown Ctr 14K White Gold Shk / 14K Yellow Gold Trim Diamond

Sapphire and Diamond12177-01


14K White Gold Sapphire 2.47Ct and Diamond .66 Tw

Precious Topaz and Diamond120Y-01


18K White Gold Precious Topaz 4.67Ct and Diamond .89Tw

Emerald and Diamond120X-01


18K White Gold / 18K Yellow Gold Trim Emerald 1.10Ct and Diamond .26Tw

Ruby and Diamond12063-01


14K Yellow Gold Ruby 1.18 Ct and Diamond .62 Tw

Rubelite and Diamond120V-01


18K White Gold Rubellite 4.63Ct and Diamond .55Tw