Custom Process


At Von’s Diamonds and Jewelry, we believe custom jewelry captures so many wonderful things about you: favorite colors, family, your memories, values, and profession—all captured in a single piece of beautifl jewelry.

We pride ourselves in our ability to craft original designs based on your imagination and creativity, With the guidance of our award-winning Custom Design Artist, Jill, you’ll quickly be on your way to a custom creation that exceeds your greatest expectations.


Step One: Let’s Get to Know You

Begin with an initial consultation with Jill to discuss your vision – whether contemporary, vintage, classic, or artistic. Review your precious metal preferences and the gemstones that will be featured. During this visit you can share images and sketches that inspire your design vision. You can also bring family heirloom diamonds you plan to incorporate.

Step Two: The Shape of Things to Come

From this point, Jill will create a computer-aided design rendering. This is where you will first see your design take shape! We know you’ll be excited, but if it’s not quite perfect, you’ll be happy to know at this stage additional changes can be made until the design is approved by you.

Step Three:  Production and Finishing Touches

The CAD rendering is now cast in the precious metal of your choice (platinum or high-carat white or yellow gold and finished to impeccable condition). Gemstones or diamonds are then carefully set into place. The final polishing and engraving are completed at this stage. The newly crafted keepsake is inspected to be certain it meets our highest standard of workmanship and is a perfect match to the design approved by you.

Step Four: The Final Reveal

The joy and excitement on your face when Jill presents your new, one-of-a-kind design brings us our greatest reward. Your happiness is our joy, too. Each custom jewelry project at Von’s Diamonds and Jewelry may follow a similar path and custom design process, but every design is as unique as a snowflake. No two are ever alike! We believe every single piece that is designed is worth the time, effort and attention to detail to make it absolutely perfect for you or your loved one to enjoy for years to come…and to share with future generations!